harvest 2011 (Philippines): day 4 - June 29.

So today was a rest day for me, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t doing stuff for the Lord. I pray that my interactions with all these people were seasoned with God’s grace and brought them a little closer to Jesus.

This morning, our team went to speak to the Mayor of Butuan, which I thought was awesome. To see a bunch of Filipinos from Miami speak to the leadership of Butuan is an amazing sight, because we know that we honored the heart of God by honoring the leadership that He Himself set up. And to see the sons of our pastor exhort kings of the world to follow the ways of Christ is an even more incredible thing. They planted seeds of harvest for positions of leadership in the future and I’m excited to see what God will do in their lives.

Around this time, I met Pastor Ian, the pastor of Butuan Vineyard, the church that is helping sponsor our work in the Philippines. This man and other pastors in the city are helping to transform their city into one of influence and power under the guidance of he Lord Himself. The mayor is a Christian and has sponsored a groundbreaking program called the Moral Recovery Program, a program enacted by Congress under the Ramos administration in the ’90s. This program is drained to eliminate corruption city-wide, starting in government offices all the way to the barangay level. Pastor Ian reported that corruption in Butuan has decreased significantly because of this program and Christians in Butuan are the ones spearheading it, which is incredibly amazing. I honestly told pastor Ian that I couldn’t envision it happening in the United States but God knows we need it there. Seeing it happen in Butuan gives me hope to see it implement something in our own city the same way, if only the church in Miami would rise up for the cause of Christ; a prayer point indeed.

I mean, the program legally protects Bible study and Christian values within the government and I think the Lord is truly honoring this city with influence to other municipalities in the Philippines. This is something truly remarkable, a Christian government that’s getting it right because of Jesus. Awesome.

Today was interesting for the fact that I got diarrhea from stress or something, I dunno; in that, I had to stay home today, but I did a lot of stuff and interacted with a lot of people when I was home. I met more people from the church we’ll be ministering at, talked to Denice’s grandmas, finally got our luggage, and had a lot of good rest.

I took advantage of the opportunity to stay at home by helping to care of the house while I took care of myself. There was one person I met today who totally poured so much encouragement into my life and her name is Tita Peachy. Heck yea, what an awesome name. She validated so many things for me in my life and I took it all in. She, like me, is single but 30, which for a Filipino is like committing social suicide. She told me about what she’s experienced about singlehood and I’ve felt a little bit of It come my way. The thing about following God is to follow Him in the season you are in and not letting people pressure you into a season that you’re not prepared for. When the time is right, she and I are convinced that we will know it because the Lord will fill us with a deep desire to see His will in this area come to fruition. Right now, I’m single and loving it, so I ain’t gotta worry about that. I love it when people speak into my life. She encouraged me to pray prayers for the final girl, a wife from the Lord who fulfills the best that God wants for me. I’ve set my heart: I don’t want a dating relationship, I want a marriage.

To hear all these things come my way is an incredible thing, something that can only come from God. It doesn’t hurt that I’m totally enjoying my experience here, not to mention eating at Jollibee and ChowKing. Not a shabby time here in Butuan, can’t wait for all the things God has in store for me, whether I’m in the house or in the field!

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