harvest 2011 (Philippines): day 5 - June 30.

So today was a day filled with emotion, but a day I believe was put together by God Himself. I definitely reaffirmed a bunch of things about myself, especially some things that God has revealed about me and my future over the years. 

Yesterday was the day of our medical missions to the Muslim community in Butuan. As has been the trend for the past two days, I was tasked to do another thing. There was a small part of me that was a little bit jealous (maybe?) but more curious at the fact that God was calling me to another function than I originally expected myself to do during this trip. I ended up filling the role I normally do by helping the girls practice for the concert happening tonight (I’m writing this in hindsight at 4am since I can’t really sleep :-P). Anywho, so after getting instructions from Tita Tiny, we split into our separate groups and went off to Vineyard to begin practicing.

During our practice, a bunch of girls from the local high school (Agusan High) came to the church during their two hours break at school. Their leader, Tita Honey, let me know that these girls were Gospel contacts from a youth outreach they did only a few weeks ago; she had only known them for three weeks. They come into the church freely and during the time we were using the church to practice, they would have Bible study (they called it sharing time). 

I felt in my heart that God was leading us to share to them. I’ve learned to let God take control of our program when people need to be ministered to and so I let God take over (at least, in my opinion). I asked the girls to give their testimony and shared with them a word about staying in season from Ecclesiastes 3 and 12 . Afterwards, I had the girls lay hands on them and pray while the boys prayed for the girls as they prayed. 

In the moment, I sensed that God was leasing us to minister to them because the circumstances were so perfect! I mean, you got a bunch of girls randomly watching you practice for a concert that they will ALL attend, so why wait until the concert when you can minister to them now? In my ministry, I never will assume that a person is a Christian or is perfectly in step with God in their life. I would rather take the time to minister to them and ensure that God’s work of salvation and restoration are completed, but that is just me. At the end of the day, I had and have faith that whatever God started, He will complete, so our practice was just a refresher for things we may have forgotten for the concert. Again, my opinion.

Anywho, after that, the team united at Vineyard and practiced through the whole concert and the same thing happened again with the students coming into the church while we were practicing, so Tita Joanne did the same thing I did and ministered to them, which was awesome. There was a boy there who received the Lord into his heart that second time, so that was great.

I just wanna let you know I’m writing this two days in hindsight because some stuff went down behind the scenes that I wanted to process before I wrote it down. While I have my opinions, I never want to let those opinions cause a spirit of dissension and division among our group, especially when the unity of our team is so necessary for missions. I’ve also realized that at the end of the day, some people and others just have different viewpoints and callings and God has imbued us with different tendencies that come at the forefront for what God has called us to do. Understanding those differences and the managing them effectively for the sake of the advancement of God’s Kingdom is what will make my leadership in the future much more effective.

In the evening, we went to LSI, the creators of the Kairos World Missions Course. It is always a privilege to bless the ones who poured out into your life and we had that opportunity. These people come from all over the world as missionaries and trainers of missionaries to Butuan to get training and equipping for their work in the mission field.  Some of these people I’ve only heard of before and now I get to meet them in person. It’s exciting to hear and see what God is doing and know that people like me, equippers as much as goers, put the same effort and have the same passion to see lost people come to Jesus.

There was a woman there named Linda (the leader of Kairos in Europe) who spoke a word of prophecy over me saying that God’s will for my life was gonna unfold into huge, marvelous things in marvelous places, but it’s gonna be one door at a time. She told me that God’s only gonna let me see one door at a time, but in the meantime, have faith and be faithful with the door that IS open. I thought that was awesome and pretty much describes my life in a way. So often my growth has occurred in stages and the things God has allowed me to do has happened in stages so that’s something not new to me but definitely NOW to me. 

I’m excited to see what the future holds for me in God’s kingdom!

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