harvest 2011 (Philippines): day 6 - July 1.

This is not gonna be a super long post but it is definitely one of the highlights of my trip here in Butuan.

Before I get to the actual concert, I just wanna put some things about Butuan and the Philippines that I thought were interesting and maybe should be done in the US. One thing here is that tax is included in all the prices here, meaning that tax is not calculated and slapped on you at the end of a meal or shopping spree. It’s already there in the price and you can calculate exactly how much you’re spending without all the hassle of change. It definitely helps people like me who only look at the list price and forget about tax. It would also help people like me buyer better, but then again, that’s my responsibility really. :-P Secondly, can you believe that a haircut here can cost you 85 cents an they do a good job and they give you a short massage at the end? What kind of service is t that?? Awesome, I tell you. 

Anywho, the concert went excellently because there was just a very thick move of God in the place. The concert was in free Methodist Church in Butuan and the place was pretty huge. The place seats about 500 people but I think there were a little bit more than that last night. Honestly, seeing all these kids and adults coming to a church with only a few electric fans to worship God is amazing. Their faith and passion for God is so palpable that really to see hands lifted high, hearts open to a movement of the Holy Spirit, voices raised up so loud that even Heaven is rocked by the noise, is really what heaven is like in he presence of God. One of the joys I have as a worship leader is to see the congregation worshipping for themselves without any guidance or minimal leading. I live for those moments where the band just becomes a backing track for the worship that freely rises to the Lord. Where I can just pet go of my piano and just sing with the rest of the angels in Heaven and all of God’s people on Earth are places and time I wanna be a part of. 

It was definitely worth sweating through three shirts that day, fully soaked. It was worth giving my bet to God because He gave us a swath of people to minister to. People came to the Lord that night and people were willing to pack in next to each other, sit in the balconies and even stand outside to to listen and hear the music of the Lord. THAT IS AWESOME.

And here we go to the day that lies ahead. Worship workshop in two hours and I’m excited to see God unfold his will and plan in some people’s lives today!

Praise be to our Lord and Father who has given us His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, to be the payment of sins and assurance of salvation and His Holy Spirit to be the agent of regeneration and renewal for all who come to the Lord seeking restoration. The Lord is faithful indeed! 

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